Church, Community and hiv

People living with HIV exist in our churches - we have an obligation to include & support them – they are members of our church family.

This is not only about reaching out to people living with HIV. It is also about recognising that HIV exists in the body of Christ – the church. There are insights, gifts and learning that people living with HIV can share with us if we invite them to do so.

Our starting place is to listen to the experiences of people living with HIV who may want and need our help and understanding – especially when they come to us for this or are already members of our community. By using this resource you have already begun to listen and reflect prayerfully upon what you and your church community can do. We hope that you will find this resource helps you to grow in faith yourself, and enable you to extend God’s love and compassion to those sisters and brothers who are living with HIV.

Video Series

This series of short films aims to support your Christian response to HIV and those affected by it.

They are also available to download for free here



Why is HIV an issue for Christians?



Signs of welcome



Showing welcome and acceptance to people living with HIV



Inclusion and participation



HIV and Public Worship


HIV Facts

Animation series published by Body and Soul Charity

What is HIV?


How is HIV transmitted?


How HIV treatment works